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The Sainte Marie High School holds an Erasmus + charter for its students, but also develops actions for high school students within the framework of the Erasmus program.




After obtaining the Erasmus + charter allowing the ESUPEC to subsidise internships abroad for students, high school students in their turn benefit from the advantages of the ERASMUS program.

For the period 2019-2021, Sainte Marie High School is associated with the Spanish school José Luis Castillo Puche (Murcia) in a partnership project including the schooling of 10 French students in the Spanish high school for a period of three months. This exchange program also includes the hosting of 10 Spanish students by the French High School students over the two school years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

During the lockdown, the Nordhorn high school in Nordhorn, Germany, offered Sainte Marie high school to join it with a Bulgarian highschool in Sofia (Comprehensive school William Gladstone) and a Latvian school in Riga (Rigas Valsts vacu gimnazija) for a new application to a project entitled "Outside the box - Possibilities of digitalization with regard to space and time", still within the framework of ERASMUS. This application was selected at the beginning of September 2020.

The aim of this project is to exploit the benefits of new technologies in order to redesign time and space from an educational point of view. This project includes time for thought conducted during visits to partner institutions and which will bring together teachers and students from September 2020 to August 2022.

Each year, the school organises specific events to celebrate the ERASMUS DAYS in order to highlight all aspects of this program. For the 2020 edition, the emphasis was placed on the contributions of the European CV on the occasion of the launch of the new Europass platform.



ESUPEC, the hub of higher education of Sainte-Marie High School, is in this respect, chartered ERASMUS. In addition to projects of professional and cultural stays (India, Great Britain, the Netherlands, …), the main ambition of the institution is to encourage Two-Year Technical Degree students (the equivalent of BTS) to carry out a work placement abroad, and this at the end of the first year. For a minimum duration of 2 months, the student will have, on the one hand, a share of the financial assistance for international mobility allocated by the Erasmus agency, and on the other hand, the administrative and logistical support of the ESUPEC staff and managers to leave in good material and educational conditions.



An organization dedicated to the international and Erasmus projects:

  • Pascal Cordier, refering manager for international matters
  • Gwenhaëlle Belliard, Head of International Activities at Sainte-Marie High School
  • Isabelle Mary, English teacher
  • Guylène Chauvière, Administrative Support

The possibility to prepare and pass the TOEIC in good conditions:

  • A partnership with ETS, the certifier body
  • Certified teachers
  • TOEIC and TOEIC Bridge test preparation sessions
  • A classroom in the ESUPEC approved ETS, to host the administrative examination